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Winterize Your Plants

It’s that time of the year again – we’re preparing for the frigid cold Winter here in Southern New England. Curious on how you may need to alter the care of your houseplants during the Winter? It can be a challenge to make sure your plants are getting adequate care during the Winter, as the days are shorter, the sun is out less and we all just want to cozy up with a warm mug of hot chocolate by the fire.

Keep your home earthy and green even in the Winter by following these steps we recommend to keep your plants vibrant and healthy during the cold winter months.

Re-potting – Repot your plants before the heat is on daily during the winter. If you think any of your plants require re-potting, take your opportunity outside on a mild, Autumn day. We recommend taking the plant out of the pot, shaking out old soil. Start out with a fresh layer of new soil in your pot. Keeping in mind, your pot should only be 2 inches larger than what you already have. (Ex. 8in > 10in. or 10in > 12in.) Pack the soil gently about 1 in. from the top for air flow and watering.

Pruning – Any ‘trail-ers’ or hanging vine-like plants (i.e Ivy, Pathos, etc.) are the simplest to prune. Give them a nice ‘haircut’, varying anywhere from 1 in – 3 in. This gives room at the top of the plant for fullness and new growth.

Fertilizing – We recommend a monthly fertilizing cycle through March. You can pick this up at any grocery store. We recommend Schultz, which is an all purpose indoor plant fertilizer.

Heat – Heat takes away all humidity, which means that plants may need to be watered more in the Winter than usual.

It’s easier than you may think to keep your plants happy and healthy throughout the dim Winter months. Following these steps will ensure you will still have that lush, foliage filled home throughout the Holidays.

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